Here is where I'll answer your questions.

Unless you request a confidential answer.

    What makes me think I can give good advice? I've been helping my female friends with their relationship problems for over twenty years now. I could print glowing testimonials, but that would not mean they were real. I will go one better; if you want to talk to one of my female friends whom I have advised in the past, or am doing so in the present, drop me a line and leave an e-mail address or other point of contact, and they will get back to you personally. Better than that I cannot offer.
    The other thing that makes me good at this, I understand men, being one myself, and I'm willing to share that understanding with you, to the best of my ability. I'm not always right, but often just giving another "uninvolved" point-of-view can do wonders for you. As this page develops, you'll see that I will be totally honest about men, and that's what you need most, right?

    Now, to all those men who have got this far, despite my saying this page is for women only, all I can say is: I'm not a woman, so don't ask for advice about women. Nor am I gay, but I have gay friends who may be able to help there
    Anyway, if I can find a woman who offers good advice 95% of the time, and she is willing to share this site with me, then I'll be able to provide relationship advice for you, but not until then. (Are there any women out there willing to try?)

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